Project Thoughts

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I enjoyed browsing through the many digital collections that this class posted. Though, I’m sure that it wasn’t as easy to accomplish as it sounds, especially for me. My biggest issue right away was copyrights. I had originally intended to do a collection about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but could not secure the copyrights to use their images in my collection.

I like to think that a collection is a group of items (images, videos, objects, etc) that have the same thing in common and can sometimes tell a story. My final collection topic that I did was about my time in the Disney College Program. I put up pictures from 4 different categories that I wanted to convey into a story. The 4 categories basically detailed my time there (living, working, playing, and graduating). Each of those pictures represented the theme of each individual category as well as the theme as a whole, which was “my time as a Disney CP.” I never really had time to think about the audience because this was literally a last minute change of topic, but I can say that this collection would be for those interested in Disney in general or for those looking to become a Disney CP themselves and wondering what part of the life is like as a CP.


collections review 3

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I have a particular interest in travel and have been to many places and seen some magnificent sites over my time (Grand Canyon, Vegas, Yellowstone, The White House, Niagara Falls, and Bangkok just to name a few). Given this fact, April’s digital collection about National Parks caught my attention. I especially enjoyed the photos of the Grand Tetons, somewhere I’d like to visit one day. I liked her photos on Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon as those pictures bring back great memories. The inclusion of interview recording were a nice touch as well.

collections review 2

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I looked over Dolores’ Space about her music project. I thought it was great!! The addition of mpg’s, aka videos, in the collection teaching us piano techniques were a nice touch. Though, it seems the videos were cut off abruptly as is there was no more space for the endings. Still, as a former piano player myself I found this collection to be very enjoyable. I absolutely loved the comparison between the 1975 electric piano to the 2006 electric piano. How times have changed indeed. I wish more pictures were included about the different types of pianos out there, but I’ll take what I can get. Good job, Dolores!


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In honor of the thrashing OU will give Missouri in the Big 12 championship game this Saturday, I present to a Missouri Digital Heritage (MDH) site as well as a classic program from the 1937 Homecoming game between the Sooners and Tigers. Within the MDH, users can browse or search through what ever category they desire to view about Missouri’s past whether is it arts, science, agriculture, sports, and maps among others.


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I recently stumbled upon a fascinating digital collections about Historically Black College and University (HBCU). This website houses thousands of classic images, manuscripts, letters, memorabilia and others on its pages. I was really interesting in seeing the pictures of old, historical African-American college alumni and buildings. Users can search or browse through all the items dating as a far back to the 1800’s.

collections review

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I was curious into seeing how the two collections about the OU campus turned out. Well, I’m impressed to say the least. I was particularly interested in these two collections because I once was in consideration of doing a collections about popular OU campus buildings. As it may be, I did switched topics at the last moment and therefore would like to go back and check out the two others that dealt with OU. First of all, Ann’s project “OU trees” was very well done. I especially enjoyed the close up views of the leaves, bark, etc and how it fades out in the background while bringing a big focus on the “subject.” I learned that there is a wide variety of trees on campus and the way that Ann captured them was truly professional. My favorite tree had to be the Weeping Willow. Not only does it have a cool name, but the tree also “acts” as the name describes. It looks sad and weeping.

For the other OU collections project, Robin did an excellent “OU campus fountains” project. I enjoy walking around campus and listening to the fountains flowing which relaxing me. Robin captured as many angles possible and adding the fountain’s plaque was a nice touch as well. This collection allows anyone to view a fountain that they might have not seen before on campus. I really liked the different architecture put into each fountain, which shows depending on the time it was built. My favorite of this group is the “Class of 1935” fountain. The bowl shape design and lion-looking figures along the side make this the most attractive of the group. The “ada lois sipuel fisher” fountain is also very unique and also very hard to spot based on its location. I like the rock design of this fountain. I was sadden that the new fountain (I don’t know the name of it) behind the recently built Price College of Business was not featured. Unless I am missing something on OMEKA, I thought that this fountain would make the cut but o well, can’t win them all.

Collections finale

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I believe I am pretty much done with my digital collections project, unless I am missing something with OMEKA. My final entry into the collection was “Graduation at Disney.” After successful completion of the Disney college program, you get to enjoy one day at a lake retreat for “graduation” ceremonies. It’s not your typical graduation because all you do is get your certificate of completion and then go do anything you would like. Activities include a live DJ, games, paddle boats, free food, and of course the main attraction, taken pictures with Mickey and friends all in there graduation outfits. I was privileged enough to attend this ceremony twice and proud to have complete this program twice. This CP program has actually allowed me to get a seasonal status position with Disney and I appreciate all they have done to jump start my work career in the right direction.